SS | Floor Angels - Foam Roller

This is exercise helps restore active range of motion to the shoulder, and is great for those who are stiff through the front of their chest, shoulders or are stiff in their upper back. It also gives assistance to moving the arms through elevation for those who are unable to gain this range in an upright position yet.


Lie on your foam roller on the ground lengthways so it supports the length of your spine including your head and bottom. Let shoulder blades retract (fall backwards) over the roller, turn palms face up and rest the back of the hands on the floor by your side. Try and keep the back of the wrists and thumbs on the floor as you move your arms outwards and above your head, aiming to keep your hands in contact sliding on the ground for as long as you can, without letting your back arch up off the roller. Only go as far as pain and good posture will allow.