Glutes + quads muscle weakness
  Poor hip + knee joint stability
  Knee + patella injury prevention
  Strength for training + sport
  VMO+ patello-femoral problems

Knee + Patello-femoral Rehab

This 12 week intensive rehab program is for people who need specific rehabilitation exercises to improve knee and patello-femoral joint strength and stability. It also improves glute and hip muscle strength and control, balance and endurance on one leg, which is crucial for walking, running, squatting, lifting, jumping and sports that involve landing and loading on one leg. It suits the common exerciser, gym junkie, weekend warrior and the athlete. This program is ideal for people who have reduced quads strength, especially the VMO, as well as weak glutes, hamstring and general poor hip strength and stability on one leg. People who have a history of patello-femoral joint pain, ITB (ilio-tibial band) syndrome, weak glutes, inward rolling knees and knee and patella tendon pain when exercising may benefit from this program.

This program has been designed by Tim Keeley, trialled, tested and perfected using Tim's clinic clients over years of treatments and rehab programming.


The program is split into 6 stages, each being two weeks in duration. Throughout the program there is a prescribed and structured regime of mobility / stretches and exercises, which increase in difficulty every two weeks. The program begins with increasing mobility and flexibility in the hips and legs, with glute and quads activation rehab exercises to build a base to progress from. It then progresses to improve your strength, muscle tone and function of the knee to enable you to become stronger and overcome the patello-femoral problems you may have. You can also take longer than two weeks for each stage, as you may need to stay in a certain stage for longer than two weeks depending on your progress, rate of improvement and general conditioning or ability. Therefore the program can be longer than 12 weeks if you need it to be.

Program Stages

  Stage One: Weeks 1-2
  Stage Two: Weeks 3-4
  Stage Three: Weeks 5-6
  Stage Four: Weeks 7-8
  Stage Five: Weeks 9-10
  Stage Six: Weeks 11-12


To enter this program you must:

   Be pain-free or have minimal pain and/or symptoms that are not constant in your knee or patella region;

   Consult your Physiotherapist and/or Physician if you have constant knee or hip pain, inflammation or an injury that is undiagnosed, as well as clearance to start this program, and;

   Have no pain referral into the leg(s), no pins and needles (parathesiae) in the leg(s), and no numbness (anaesthesiae) in the leg(s).