S2 | Prone Scapula Press - Abduction Slide

To stimulate and activate the serrartus anterior with minimal load and no gravity - enabling abduction and upward rotation of the shoulder blade in those with winging scapula and a loss of serratus control and activation through abduction. It also help with eccentric control of the scapula on the downward (adduction) phase and assists in correcting and improving the overall scapulo-humeral rhythm of the shoulder complex. Pressing lightly through the hand enables the protraction load for the serratus, and feedback via the floor and opposite hand monitoring the scapula movement.



Start with your arm down by your side and you palm facing down. Set your shoulder blade down and back. Gently put pressure through hand downwards, but no so much that you can't slide your hand. Slowly with a straight arm slide your hand outwards in a circle movement. When you get to just below shoulder height, start rotating out and upwards your shoulder blade so when you hands it full to the top so is your shoulder. Then slide back down - keeping pressure through the hand and at the same time pulling your shoulder blade down and back, so when your hand is past shoulder height, you shoulder blade is set back in neutral and not hitched up.

Special Notes
Be careful not to go too quickly or put too much load through the hand so you don't create excessive winging patterning and reinforce any bad patterning,