L2 | Side Plank (Knees)

To activate and strengthen the core, targeting the QL and glutes on one side under a increased load, as well as teach correct squat to plank movement and preparation for side planks on feet and plank to side plank.



Lean on the ground on your forearm. Keep your elbow directly under your shoulder. Start in the squat position and tilt the pelvis so your lumbar spine is in neutral both front and back and side to side (don't start in a side bent position). Stiffen and activate the core, then 'anti-shrug' your shoulders to switch on your lats and post the shoulder. Push through your forearm and knees/feet and squat forward to you arrive in a plank position with your core straight. Hold this position and keep breathing, for 10sec up to 60sec. Slowly lower back into a squat - don't drop your pelvis down sideways.