K2 | Single Leg Deadlift (banded load)

This exercise is an alternative to the single leg deadlift with a weight (kettlebell). this is handy if you don't have any weights at home, or you want a graduated load throughout the movement. It is more challenging than a romanian deadlift with 2 legs as it requires balance and stability of the pelvis and hip one one leg, which works the hamstring more as well as functional training for the posterior chain



Hand the powerband under one foot and wrapped through the wrists as in the video. Keeping a neutral spine, shift weight onto one foot. Make sure that your hip bone on your non weight bearing side does NOT drop lower than the other hip bone as you take your foot off the ground. Make sure your pelvis stays facing forward and not rotated. Slowly lower your hand straight down, keep your spine in neutral and bend at your hips / sticking your bottom out. DON'T let your pelvis drop on one side/ hitch or rotate as you lower forward. Make sure that your knee stays facing straight ahead. On return, focus on your glutes and hamstrings. Don't lose neutral or over-arch back.

Special Notes
Progressions: Increase difficulty by changing to the kettlebell version, or use theraband for lateral resistance, and then a BOSU.