A2 | Calf Raises (eccentric)

The eccentric calf raise is part of the eccentric program designed for Achilles Tendonopathy but can also be used for calf muscle injuries, tears and and other lower limb muscle rehab and re-education like with knee surgery, ankle sprains and other ankle tendon injuries. Especially in the case of Achilles Tendonopathy it is important to discuss with your physiotherapist when you are able to begin these exercises.



Stand with your weight evenly distributed through both feet. Keeping your knees straight slowly raise up onto your toes, keeping your weight even through the balls of your feet. Hold at the top of the range keeping your knee locked straight and without letting yourself lower take one foot off the ground . Then SLOWLY lower yourself down to the ground over 3 secs. Place the other foot back on the ground and repeat.

Special Notes
Regression: This exercise can be made easier by instead of taking your other foot of the ground completely it can stay in contact and instead you can put 60:40% through the injured limb and progress to 90:10% until you can do it on one leg.