S4 | Front Press (lateral band)

Progression and combination of the front press and the standing side sprinter, to really increase the lateral strength and loading of the shoulder in preparation for the shoulder press. This sis one of the best shoulder stability and strengthening rehab exercises and essential as part of learning to correctly press overhead.



Attach the lighter band so it is fixed medially to the position of your arm (so you will promote resisted external rotation). Attach a heavier band to your foot, and have both bands in one hand. Set shoulder blade into neutral and maintain elbow position at a 90 degree bend. Raise elbow and hand in front of body so you are pivoting at the shoulder and elbow joint into a forward press above head movement. As you go up - resist the band tension and don't let the band pull your hand inwards - keep a vertical line with the forearm so you are staying in 0 degrees external rotation and only go as high as you can maintaining the external shoulder position.