Can't get to a Physio in person?
Want to speak to a leading Physiotherapist about your problem?
Need a personalised rehab program designed just for you?

Skype consultations now allow people from all over the world, video access to speak and consult with a Senior Physiotherapist in the privacy of their own home. It's ideal for people in remote areas, people who are travelling, or ones simply unable to make it into their normal Physio. Perhaps you just want to get a second opinion about your injury, or speak to someone who simply knows their stuff. We can help you with the right exercises, correct your form and technique as well as advice on what to do next. With an initial consult you can get a online video assessment and consult about your pain or injury, as well as a personalised rehab program designed specifically just for you, to help you through any recovery. You can also book follow up video consultations as needed.

How to book a Skype consultation

  Go to the 'VIEW TIMES + BOOK' button for the Physiotherapist you want to skype with. Check your own time zone against the time zone of your Physio by clicking on the 'CONVERT MY TIME ZONE' button. Submit your details, where you will then be directed to the online booking portal. Follow the steps to register for the booking portal to be able to view the Physio's diary.
  Once signed in, choose the Physiotherapist you wish to book with by clicking on their face.
  For your first consultation you must select "Initial Skype Video Consultation". For any consultations after that you can choose "Follow-up Skype Video Consultation".
  Then choose a day and time that suits. Make sure you check the times against your own country time zone. Remember all times are Australian Eastern Daylight Savings times (AEDST). Once you have completed the booking you will then be sent an confirmation email with your date and time of your consultation.
  PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to pay your consultation prior, to secure your booking. Follow the steps on the payment request email that you will receive to make you payment safe and securely online.

What are the inclusions and fees?

  You will get a one-on-one skype video Physiotherapy consultation with the Practitioner your choose.
  The Physio will assess via video, taking a detailed history and get you to perform certain movements and tests as required, where you will be able to ask the Physio questions and get your injury or problem concerns addressed.
  The Physio will also create a personalised exercise rehab program with videos instructions as required to help you through any rehab regime or recovery you may need, which you will have access to for 12 months follow the consult.
  Your initial consultation is for 60min and follow up consultations are 45min. To view the Physio's fees, go to the 'VIEW PROFILE' tab under the Physio you want to book with. You will be required to pay the consultation fee up front to secure your skype appointment.

The technical stuff...

  You will need the latest version of skype, and use wither a computer/laptop or smartphone/tablet that has video and camera capabilities and a good internet connection. (We do not do voice-only skype calls). To download skype go to 
  Please make sure your skype application is open before your consultation and your video and microphone is working. This will avoid any connection delays during your appointment.
  Your skype name will be entered in our system and you will get a connection request and skype name from your Physio prior to your booking and your Physio's email. Please make sure you 'accept' the connection request to be able to connect to your Physio.
  You can then any relevant medical correspondence for your Physio to via their email, attaching any medical reports, scan and background history to your Physio regarding your injury or problem. This will assist them in the consultation.

All skype consultations are NOT health fund claimable in Australia. If you have any queries regarding the consultation or booking please contact us at


Tim Keeley

B.Phty, Cred.MDT, APAM
Principal Physiotherapist


Tim Keeley

B.Phty, Cred.MDT, APAM
Principal Physiotherapist

Consult Fees

Initial Consultation:
AUD $170 (60min)

Follow-up Consultation
AUD $140 (45min)

Tim Keeley is a Physiotherapist from New Zealand with over 20 years experience in Physiotherapy and the Fitness Industries. He is the Principal Physiotherapist and Director of Physio Fitness and, a rehabilitation expert, clinical educator and convention presenter. Tim provides sports physio and physiotherapy treatment, rehab exercises, dry needling, kinesio taping and in-depth rehabilitation programming for pain and sports injuries at our Bondi Junction clinic in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. He is a NSW registered Physiotherapist, internationally credentialed Mckenzie spinal Physiotherapist and member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. He specialises in sports, fitness and training injuries, corrective exercise rehabilitation programs and strengthening for lower back pain and lumbar disc injuries, shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries, knee pain, patella-femoral pain and ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction surgery. He has also been a regular physiotherapy presenter at the FILEX fitness industry conferences.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Otago, New Zealand in 1997. He then completed the 4-stage McKenzie Course and Credentialling examination to become an internationally credentialed McKenzie Therapist. Tim began his Physiotherapy career at the Christchurch Park Physiotherapy Clinic, located in the Christchurch Rugby Football Club grounds in Christchurch, New Zealand. He was the Senior Rugby Team Physiotherapist for 2 years from 1998 to 1999. Tim then moved to London in 2000 and became the Senior Physiotherapist for Sona Positive Health (now integrated into Nuffield Proactive), operating an on-site Physiotherapy clinic inside the corporate health club of Deutsche Bank AG in the City of London. During this time he has undertaken an extensive amount of continual post-graduate professional development. Tim then settled in Sydney in Australia in 2004 to become the Senior Physiotherapist and Clinical Mentor/Educator at Get Active Physiotherapy in St Leonards. During this time Tim has been a highly acclaimed presenter at 6 international FILEX conventions, educating the fitness industry on corrective exercise programming and injury prevention. He has also lectured on the Certificate 3 Fitness and 4 Master Trainer courses at the Australian Institute of Fitness, writes for Fitness First magazine and has appeared on Sunrise on Channel 7. Tim started Physio Fitness Australia (re-branding the Get Active Physiotherapy clinics), and opened the clinic in Bondi Junction in 2009 as the central reception clinic.