S4 | Push Up (banded)

A progression of the push up instead of using plate load on your back The progressive load of the resistance band creates the load for strengthening.



On knees and toes in press-up position with body in straight line from shoulders to ankles, ensure your pelvis is in line with your body, with hands slightly wider than shoulders and hands facing forward. Screw your hands into the ground to have your elbows facing forwards and shoulder joint externally rotated. Step backwards with each leg to the full plank position. Ensure elbows move in a 45 deg angle (not by sides and not out wide) and remain in towards body and slowly lower yourself towards the ground by retracting the shoulder blades together first, then bending elbows. Lower to as low as your can handle then push yourself back up by straighten elbows first, then pushing the shoulders forward last to arrive back at the plank position with your shoulders protracted.