S3 | 4 Pt 1 Arm Scap Press and Raise (band)

This exercise is a combination and progression of both the 1 arm scapula press in 4 point, and the 1 arm raise in 4 point, where you do the two exercises together, plus add in the resistance via the band.



Take the band and wrap around your upper back so each hand is in the looped ends. Begin in 4 point kneeling with your hands directly below your shoulders and knees under hips. Make sure your neck is "long" and chin tucked in. Slowly transfer weight into the one hand and raise the opposite arm in front of you with your thumb up and out in a 30 degree angle - as high as you can go. Keeping your ground arm elbow straight, slowly let your body move towards the floor, and your shoulder blade to the ceiling - slowly letting it 'retract' (moves towards the midline of your spine.) Then push your hand into the floor and your body away from the floor, making your shoulder blade wraps around the sides of your rib cage and your shoulder moves forward, push against the band resistance. Keep you raised arm high and don't let it drop as you move.

Special Notes
Don't arch the back or lose neutral or shift weight left or right or onto your legs. Remember movements should be SLOW and CONTROLLED.