S2 | Scapula Press - Wall (Band)


Adding load to the scapula press by providing band loaded resistance to activate and strengthen the serratus anterior - improving scapula stability and control. Great for those with winging and scapula dyskinesia issues.


Begin in standing in front of a wall with a theraband wrapped under your armpits and your spine in neutral and deep abdominals activated. Your hands should be directly below your shoulders. Make sure your neck is "long" and chin tucked in. Externally rotated your shoulders so your elbow 'pits' are facing upward and so are your hands. Begin the movement by pushing your hands into the wall and your upper body away form the wall. Feel how as you do this your shoulder blades begin to wrap around the sides of your rib cage. Make sure you try and use the muscles under your armpits to do this and not your neck muscles. Do not round your upper back as you push away from the wall it should remain "neutral". Now slowly let your chest move towards the wall allowing your shoulder blades to slowly retract and come together. Don't let your head lower and chin poke down towards the wall, and don't let your shoulders rise up around your neck. Then push through your hands to bring yourself back to your starting position. Remember movements should be SLOW and CONTROLLED.