S2 | Int / Ext Rotation (45 deg) - Foam Roller

A combined internal rotation strengthening exercise coupled with external ROM for the rotator cuff and shoulder joint. Moving into external rotation with weight helps passive stretch into external rotation and at the same time challenges the internal rotation strength in the outer range (in external rotation). Using the foam roller allows you to open the shoulders and encourages correct shoulder positioning and control.



Keep elbow bent at 90 degrees just away from body at a 45 degree angle with the upper arm. Lower the weight backwards into external rotation without the elbow moving out of position, or the upper arm moving of it's 45 degree axis. Go back as far as your strength and/or ROM allows. Don't go into pain. Then pull the weight forwards by rotating the arm inwards, pivoting at the elbow as an axis point (make sure the elbow stays bent at 90deg).

Special Notes
DON'T let the elbow move out of position or let the shoulder pop forward. Only move in the pain-free range. You should feel this exercise working in the front of your shoulder and not in your neck. Make sure that you do not arch your back whilst performing this exercise.