S2 | 1 Arm Scap Row (Angle)

This exercise works on the scapular stabilisers, depressors and retractors, especially the lower traps and lats. Great to do pre-shoulder and back workouts to activate the postural and stabilisation muscles.



Stand in split standing (if you are pulling with your right hand have your left leg in front). Hold onto the theraband with your arm elevated out in front of you at around 120 degrees of flexion. Make sure you can stand in this position and relax your neck muscles and relax your shoulder blade. Now actively draw your shoulder blade back and down your back. Hold for a couple of seconds keeping the arm straight, then let go of your shoulder blade squeeze and without tightening your neck muscles allow your shoulder blade come forwards but NOT pop up. When you pull down - aim for your back opposite corner pocket as a guide.