S2 | Side Sprinter (band) - Eccentric

This exercise helps strengthen the rotator cuff dynamically through functional movement patterns, targeting external rotation, which is crucial for future overhead pressing and reach movements. It is a regression of the full Side Sprinter, as it removes the concentric component for the early stages of rehab where the shoulder is unable to take concentric/ elevation loads.



Attach the band so it is fixed medially to the position of your arm (so you will promote resisted external rotation). Set shoulder blade into neutral and maintain elbow position at a 90 degree bend. Use your opposite arm to assist with lifting the exercising arm infront of your body until your elbow reaches shoulder height. Let go of the exercising arm, and slowly lower it back down to the start position, ensuring the elbow stays bent at 90 degrees, resisting the band tension by not letting the band pull your hand inwards so you are staying in 0 degrees external rotation until the elbow reaches the side of your body. Repeat.