S1 | Scapula Retraction (band)

For scapula muscle activation and postural improvement following weakness in the area around the scapula, especially if your arm has been injured or in a sling, or you have had pain from the neck or shoulder into the scapula region. Having the band around your shoulder elimiates the need to hold the band in the arm meaning you don't have to load the shoulder or have a weight in you arm. This is good for people who are post-surgical and are either not allowed or don't want load through their hand and shoudler.



Loop a light powerband (or heavy theraband) around a fix object and then around your shoulder. Stand so there is tension on the band but not too much. Gentle pull back with the shoulder blade, making sure the movement is for the shoulder blade and the arm is not moving.

Special Notes
Turn your upper body in a direction as to make sure the band does not slip off your shoulder.