LS | Pelvic Tilts (supine)

To help reduce muscle spasm in the lower back / lumbar spine in acute injury, as well as activating the inner core muscles



Start with lying on your back with your knees bent in a 'crook lying' position. Enagge your pelvic floor (holding a wee) and gently push through your heels and let your pelvis tilt backwards, so your spine moves from extension to neutral and then slowly flattens to the floor. This is only a small movement, so don't flatten all the way as you don't want to move into excessive flexion. Think of only tilting '1/2' the way. Then let it slowly come back. Keep slowly repeating the tilt to release the muscle spasm and guarding.

Special Notes
Don't do an 'ab crunch' or fire up your abdominals so they are tense. Keep you 'six pack' abdominals relaxed and aim to only use your inner core (transverse abdominus) and your pelvic floor to engage, and then gently tilt with a subtle heel push. Good to do in combination with rotations, pelvic rocks, back clock traction and then McKenzie extension as guided by your Physio or program.