LS | Modified QL Stretch

This stretch improves flexibility through the muscles in your lower back, specifically the Quadratus Lumborum (QL), Obliques and Erector Spinae (extensors). Helps with hyperlordotic lower backs and releases the stiffness in the lower back from standing, walking and running. It has been modified for those who are too stiff or sore to get into the original QL stretch performed on the floor.



(FOR LEFT SIDE) Sit on the edge of a higher surface with your right leg out infront of you with your knee bent, while the left leg hangs down over the edge and rests on the floor. Bend right knee up and reach forward to hold onto the inside of your right foot with your right hand. Rotate upper body and look to the left while simultaneously leaning towards the right thigh to get stretch along the left side of the spine. To intensify the stretch place your left hand behind your head and continue to rotate to the left and lean to the right.

Special Notes
Do NOT do this exercise if you are in your first acute episode of disc pain, have muscle spasm from a disc bulge or an acute flare of of your disc problem. ALWAYS consult your Physio before doing this stretch if you have a history of disc injury.