LS | McKenzie Extension (lying)

For increasing lower back extension and reducing posterior disc pressure. Essential for disc bulge or herniation injuries and people who suffer back pain from sitting, bending and lifting.



Hands under shoulders. Push your upper body backwards as though you are pushing the ground away from you and try not to use your lower back muscles. Breath out and relax the glutes and abdominals. Try to go higher each time as able but only go to the pain or tightness, not into pain. See if you can straighten your elbows, pause 1-2 secs, breath out at the top to get a sag in the lower back and imagine you are relaxing the pubic bone and belly button to the floor. Try to bend at the stiffest or point where you get your back pain. Slowly lower taking weight through your arms not your back.

Special Notes
Breath out, relax the abdominals and sag in the lower back
Use Towel to add in over pressure.
Arch over the towel not against it and breath out.