LS | Lumbar Rotation

This stretch helps improve mobility through the lumbar spine joints in your lower back as well as the lower back muscles, thoracic spine, rib-cage, pecs and glutes. It is especially used for help reduce disc pain that is across the lower back or off to one side. for disc pain, usually rotate to the side of the pain. For stiffness / glute stretching, rotate to the stiffer side.



Bend one knee up to 90deg and gently pull over to the side with opposite hand. Slowly pull the knee down towards the floor and try to keep your opposite shoulder on the ground with arms out straight. Hold onto a pole or under a sofa if you need and go to the stretch not into the pain.

Special Notes
Progression: Drop leg off a side of a bed or sofa to add stretch or tuck foot under opposite thigh to add glute stretch.