L4 | Arm and Leg Raise (4 point - band)

This is a progression of the 4 pt kneeling exercise, as it adds resistance in the form of a theraband. This exercise will challenge and strengthen your core stability and control, as well as the muscles of the posterior sling.



Begin in the 4 point kneeling position with shoulders over wrists, and knees under hips. Hold a theraband in one hand, and loop it around the opposite foot. With the spine in neutral, engage the inner core and extend out the opposite arm and leg that are attached to the band, stretching the fingers and toes away from each other as far as possible to create length in the spine while maintaining neutral.

Special Notes
Do not allow the spine to arch or the pelvis rotate when extending the arm and leg out. Also, do not "hang" into the shoulder with the arm that is still on the floor. Push the floor away from you, gently lifting the chest to engage the shoulder muscles.