L1 | Multifidus (prone)

This exercise activates your mulitifidus muscles and extensors muscles which help stabilise the spine. Multifidus makes up part of your deep core system along with your diaphragm, tranversus abdominus and pelvic floor. It is therefore provides stability to your spine which is important to help or prevent lower back, pelvis, hip and knee injuries.



Find your neutral spine position and activate your deep transverse abdominus and stiffening your core first. Try and activate your back muscles by thinking of tightening your back muscles either side of your spine. Place you fingers on one side of your spine to feel the muscles tone and tighten, with a slight 'swelling' of the muscle as it contracts. Make sure you don't contract too much or your back will arch, which is extension and not neutral spine. It's a subtle movement so takes a bit of practice. Aim to hold on for 10secs at a time.