L1 | Hip Hinge

This exercise teaches you how to correctly hinge and bend at the hips and maintain a neutral spine and stiff core. It is important that you get this technique right not just for squat and deadlift patterning but for controlling pain, avoid flexion when you lift and teaching you not to lose form or neutral in the spine for safe everyday bending and lifting.



Stand with your feet slightly wider than you shoulders. Find your neutral spine and activate your deep core and stiffen the abdominals. Begin movement by sliding your hands down your thighs - keeping firm contact, bending at the hips NOT the spine, making sure as you bend you sit you bottom out towards the wall behind you. Keep breathing and maintain neutral all the wall. Grab you thighs just above the knee firmly, and 'anti-shrug' by pulling on your thighs and pulling your shoulders down and back. Brace you core and take a small quick breath out, release the hands and stand slowly back up by pulling the hips through and using your glutes. (don't over tilt the pelvis at the top).

Special Notes
This exercise will then progress to hamstring deadlifts, suitcase deadlifts and squats