K4 | Romanian Deadlift (band one leg)

Hamstring (Romanian) deadlifting is key to building overall back, glute and hamstring strength as well as hip and core control. Using a band to apply a lateral force to the knee encourages activation of the hip external rotator muscles, which are key to control your knee alignment.



Place one leg through a looped band so the resistance is on the outside of the knee pulling the knee towards the midline of the body. Keeping a neutral spine, shift weight onto one foot and soften your knee. Ensure that the knee is staying inline with the toes and you are resisting the pull of the band inwards to get your glut muscles working. . Breathe IN and slowly hinge forwards from your hips , keeping your knee still and spine in neutral. DON'T let your pelvis drop on one side/ hitch or rotate as you lower forward. Make sure that your knee stays facing straight ahead. Breathe OUT and return, focusing on activating your glutes and hamstrings.

Special Notes
It is not suitable suffering with acute back pain or recovering from an early disc injury.