K3 | TRX Pistol Squat

The pistol squat is great for working on ankle/ hip/ knee mobility, while also working on balance and strength of the posterior chain and quads of the squatting leg. This is the precursor to the full unassisted pistol squat.


Stand on one leg on a flat surface with your other leg out in front of you, holding onto the TRX. Slowly squat down, pushing hips back and down, while ensuring your knee stays inline with your toes. Allow your arms to stretch out overhead infront of you while creating tension and support on the TRX until you have reached the bottom of the squat. Do not allow your heel to raise up, and keep your other leg straight out infront of you. To return to the start position, push through your heel and use the TRX as much as needed until you are back at the start position.