K3 | Front Squat KB (band one leg)

The Front Squat is a progression from Free Squat and Band squat. This is a great exercise for strengthening the glutes, quadriceps and deep core muscles with a particular focus on good knee control and alignment during movement. This is important for proper knee function and increasing the stability of your lower back. It teaches correct squatting technique which is also important your training and every day bending and lifting.



Attach a theraband around the outside of the knee you are working, and attach it to a pole or stable area as shown in the video. Take two kettle bells, and hold them close to your body at shoulder height, or just one at chest height close to your body. Breathe IN and sit your bum back and down like you are sitting on a chair, at the same time let your chest come forwards but keep looking straight ahead. Apply an outward pressure on the band to ensure your knee is staying inline with your toes, and is resisting the pull of the band inwards. Breathe OUT and return to the start position, lifting your pelvic floor, focussing on your glutes and quads doing the work by pushing your heels into the ground. Don't lose neutral or over-arch back throughout the movement.