K2 | Skater Squat (slider)

Lateral loading is essential for knee and hip rehab to help challenge the lateral hip stabilisers and improve your balance as you start stabilising yourself on one foot. This is a good starting point when people are not stable enough to be able to do a full lateral step or step up as it provide assistance with balance.


Stand stable on one leg, and have the ball of your other foot on a slider disc. Standing tall with your hips level, begin to slide your leg out to the side, while sitting your hips backwards, and bending the stance leg. Ensure you keep the knee in line with the 2nd toe. Stretch out as far as youre able to maintain good form, then return to the start position by sliding the leg back to the centre.

Special Notes
Try to slide the leg out in line with your other foot or slightly behind it. Don't let the slider leg drift forwards.