K2 | Single Leg Elevated Bridge


This exercise is used to strengthen the hamstring muscles, particularly the biceps femoris long head and semi-membranosus muscles.



Lie on your back with the target leg's heel on the chair. The non working leg is held stationary in the air above the chair. Hands are flat against the ground for stability (as shown) or crossed over your chest for more of a challenge stability-wise - your physio will instruct which version. The starting position whilst still on the ground should be approximately a 90 degree knee angle. Push through your heel and bring your hips into the air as high as possible. Hold this position in the air for 1 second and then slowly lower the hips back to the ground with control. The tempo is 1 second up, 1 second hold, 3 seconds down. Repeat for instructed reps.

Special Notes
The further you start your butt from the chair, the harder the exercise.
Make sure you come up to full hip extension height.
Try to make the movement as smooth as possible, with no wobbliness and a stable knee throughout