K1 | TRX Squat

This is the basic assisted version of a body squat, designed to offload some weight and provide mild stability to a patient while performing the squat technique. Squatting helps to improve hip and knee control and primarily strengthen the quads and gluts.


Stand on a flat surface with knees slightly wider than hips holding onto the TRX. Slowly squat down, pushing hips back and down, while ensuring your spine stays in neutral and knees stay inline with your toes. Allow your arms to stretch out overhead infront of you while creating tension and support on the TRX. To return to the start position, exhale and push through your heels, while utilising the TRX as much as needed until you are back at the start position.

Special Notes
Do not go past 90 degrees initially or when you are about to lose neutral spine. It's important that you do not 'butt wink' where the spine moves into excessive extension or flexion.