HS | Hip Flexor and Quadriceps

Combination mobilisation stretch for the quadriceps and hip flexors both together - which targets the kicking muscle the rectus femoris and increase the overall anterior hip mobility.



Start on all fours in front of the wall. Bring one leg backwards, so the lower leg and the knee are resting up against the wall. Relax the hamstring as it will otherwise bring up a cramp. Keep the spine straight and the pelvis level. Try to keep your shoulders low when assuming the starting position. Slide the other knee forward as far as you can and a little bit to the side. Slowly bring your trunk up. Clench your buttock to keep the stretch on the front of the hip and thigh

Special Notes
REGRESSION: moved your knee further away from the wall of the stretch is too much in the quadriceps, and clench you buttock to get the hip flexor stretch more. contract/relax the glutes to relax the front of the hip