H1 | Clams

This is an amazing exercise for strengthening your deep gluteal muscles. The deep gluteal muscles stabilise your hips and pelvis and laterally rotate the hips making them crucial muscles for lumbo-pelvic, hip and knee stability.



Lie on your side with your pelvis aligned vertically with the floor. Your knees should be bent to about 90 degrees and your feet should rest in line with your back. Keep your deep abdominal muscles activated with the quick breath out technique, and keep your waist slightly lifted away from the floor. Place your thumb on the bony front part of the pelvis, and your fingers spanning across you gluteals. Push heels together like you are squeezing a credit card between them and feel how the glutes tighten. Maintain the heel squeeze and slowly lift your top knee by squeezing your gluteal muscles. Don't let pelvis rotate backwards or let the lift under your waist drop (use your core to help keep you steady). Let the knee slowly lower back down and then repeat. Repeat 3 sets of 10