C1 | Chin Tucks (Retractions)

This helps improve retraction range of movement in the neck, moving into upper cervical flexion and opening of the joints, as well as lower cervical extension. A McKenzie method movement, then Chin Tuck helps with disc related cervical spine conditions, activates and strengthens the Deep Neck Flexors in sitting as well as improve neck posture in a sitting position and re-set your posture during the day.



Sit up straight in neutral spine position (or do this in standing). Draw your head up towards the ceiling and let your shoulder blades fall together and down your back. Place your fingers on your chin as a point of reference. Gently draw your head backwards, moving your chin back away from your fingers, trying to imagine lengthening the back of your neck. Don't nod your head down or tilt back, keep it level and imagine your head is a filing cabinet drawer. Your chin should be pulled back.