Program Features


  Detailed 12 week, 6-stage layout
  Over 80 lower back and core exercises
  120+ instruction and rehab videos
  20+ weekly educational videos
  12 month full program access
  Full access to the entire video library
  One-time payment only

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Lower Back Pain

This program is for people looking for more effective and progressive core exercises, better abdominal, back and glute strength, increased core stability as well as improved inner core and global core strength for long term back injury prevention and performance for general exercise, fitness training and sport. This program has a week-to-week structured and intensive set of rehab exercises and video instruction to help improve the activation, tone and strength of the essential back, abdominal and glute muscles, as well as overall core awareness and lumbo-pelvic trunk control.

 Weak abdominal, glute and lower back muscles
 Poor lumbo-pelvic and core stability control
 Better exercises for lower back injury prevention
 Back and core strength for exercise, training and sport


Many of us don't have good enough back and/or core strength and as a result, coupled with poor posture and incorrect movement patterns in exercise and life, we suffer from recurrent back pain, back injuries and a 'bad back'. Many tend to do enough 'core work' to get us by, but never follow a proper program nor maintain the program long term. People start off with too high level exercises, don't do specific or technical enough exercises, do the wrong exercises (and not the right ones!), have poor form with exercises and don't target essential muscle groups.... or simply don't know what to do. Sound familiar?

Having a strong and stable lower back and core is essential for squatting, lifting, carrying, sitting, post-natal, exercising, playing sport and life in general. To be effective in a back and core program you need detailed and clear instructions on how to do each exercise correctly with good form, understand what the exercises are for and how to progress safely each week. Sticking to a regular strengthening program long term that you can follow easily is the secret for prevention of future back injuries and recurrent back pain episodes.

This 12 week rehabilitation program program has been designed by Tim Keeley - Principal Physiotherapist of Physio Fitness, to help enable you to achieve this more effectively. It has been tried and tested with hundreds of patients in our clinic as well as continually updated and improved year to year. In the program you will be shown all the rehab exercises that are needed each week, with detailed instructions, videos of the exercises and weekly education and patient videos. 

Program Stages

  Stage One: Weeks 1-2
  Stage Two: Weeks 3-4
  Stage Three: Weeks 5-6
  Stage Four: Weeks 7-8
  Stage Five: Weeks 9-10
  Stage Six: Weeks 11-12


To enter this program, you must:
1) Be pain-free or have minimal pain and/or symptoms that are not constant in your lower back / lumbar spine.
2) Consult your Physiotherapist and/or Physician if you have lumbar disc symptoms or confirmed disc injury / bulge for clearance to start this program, and;
3) Have no pain referral into the leg below the knee(s), no pins and needles (parathesiae) in the leg(s), and no numbness (anaesthesiae) in the leg(s).